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Minoxidil Sulphate 99% High Quality Factory Supplying CAS: 83701-22-8

Alias:Minoxidil Sulphate
Grade Standard: Medicine Grade
Purity: 99%
Appearance; White or off-White Crystalline Powder
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin
Pckage : According to customer requirement packaging

Minoxidil sulphate
Product categories:Various metabolites and impurities;Metabolites;Pharmaceuticals
Chemical properties:White crystalline solid
Usage:A selective ATP-sensitive potassium channel opener.It is the active metabolite of minoxidil and is a potent (ic50=0.14μm) vascular smooth muscle relaxant.
Packing:25kg/paper barrel



It's can used for refractory hypertension and renal hypertension, the antihypertensive effects of hydralazine stronger
than that. Mechanism for the K + channel opening, so that vascular smooth muscle. it Is a vasodilator antihypertensive
drug classes. Does not cause orthostatic hypotension, no long-term efficacy of medication .Minoxidil was the first
drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss).Before that, minoxidil had been
used as vasodilator drug prescribed as oral tablet to treat high blood pressure that included hair growth and reversal of male baldness.


a kind of Hypotensive  , reducing blood press , External Promoting Hair Regrowth.This potassium channel opener, direct relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, a strong expansion of the role of small arteries, the peripheral resistance decreased, blood pressure, and had no effect on the capacity of the blood vessels, it can promote venous return. Meanwhile, the reflex regulation of frequency and positive effect, an increase in cardiac output and heart rate, but does not cause orthostatic hypotension.





Specifications Corporation standard Analysis results
Appearance White or off-white crystal powder White crystal powder
Odor Odourless Conform
Solubility Complete soluble in water, methanol, and propylene glycol Conform
Ph (3% w/v)
2.5-3.5 3.2
Heavy metals ≤20ppm 4ppm
Loss on drying ≤3.0% 0.37%
Residue on ignition ≤0.5% 0.04%
Total impurities ≤1.0% 0.35%
Assay(hplc) 99%min 99.65%