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Testosterone-Enanthate 101

To understand Testosterone-Enanthate we only need to understand two things; the testosterone hormone and the Enanthate ester. In-fact, when we understand the testosterone hormone we will largely understand each and every form of exogenous testosterone as the hormone itself is identically the same in all types. The ester, in this case Enanthate is not a hormone, the ester does not provide any physical benefit that you desire to obtain. The ester does play an important role when attached to a testosterone or any anabolic androgenic steroid and the ester attached can vary greatly; however, in short, the ester is what largely determines the hormones initial and total activity and you will generally find that to be the only point of interest in its regards. While it should be clear it bears worth repeating; testosterone is simply testosterone, the form does not change the hormone; Testosterone-EnanthateTestosterone-Propionate, mixtures such as Sustanon-250 or Omnadren, they are all comprised of the same active testosterone hormone; only the ester(s) are different, only the esters vary but the testosterone hormone remains the same.

For years testosterone and anabolic androgenic steroids in general have received a lot of bad press in popular culture, much of it based on a simple lack of education but as we understand the world isn’t flat we also understand many things about the testosterone hormone. Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced by both men and women; regardless of your thoughts and opinions on anabolic steroids you produce testosterone whether you like it or not. Individual production can vary greatly from one person to the next, there is no standard amount but men will generally produce ten times the amount as women but it remains essential to health and function for both sexes. In-fact, the testosterone hormone is one of the most important hormones any human being will ever produce; without the hormone we cannot function properly and in the way a human being was intended to. Testosterone is responsible for many functions and aspects of the human body including those of both a physical and mental nature and when levels fall below an optimal range the individual can suffer greatly.

Individuals who suffer from low testosterone levels commonly do so because of age. As we age our natural testosterone production declines, this is especially true for men but in many cases for post-menopausal women as well. Individuals who suffer will find such issues as loss in strength and muscle tissue, increases of excess body-fat, lethargy, depression, decreased libido, an inability to perform sexually, a weakened immune system to a host of other issues; does testosterone sound a little important yet? For the individual who suffers from low levels of testosterone remedy is easily available and often Testosterone-Enanthate can be the answer to this call, as Testosterone-Enanthate is just that, pure testosterone.

Of course for the performance enhancer improving low levels is not really the goal; for the performance enhancer the idea is to surpass normal levels so as to enhance the attributes the hormone carries. Regardless of the purpose of use, be it performance enhancement or TRT the mode of action within the hormone remains the same. By its very nature as a pure testosterone, Testosterone-Enanthate carries with it many traits from increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, thereby promoting tissue growth and regeneration and of equal importance preservation. That alone is enough to make testosterone extremely valuable but it hardly ends there.

The testosterone hormone is also responsible for many metabolic traits and a large portion of our overall metabolic activity; and while the above plays an intrinsic role it is only a scratching the surface. Through the use of supplemental Testosterone-Enanthate we increase our testosterone levels enabling the hormone to perform a much needed action in inhibiting the release as well as reducing the amount of stress hormones we have in the body; more specifically glucocorticoid hormones. Glucocorticoid hormones are commonly referred to as muscle wasting hormones as they destroy muscle tissue and greatly promote increases in excess body-fat. If that’s not enough the direct mode of action of the testosterone hormone continues to gain in power and importance but as you can see the importance is already there. When we supplement with Testosterone-Enanthate, especially in doses beyond therapeutic measure we greatly increase the amount of IGF-1 released into the body. IGF-1 is another very powerful yet naturally produced anabolic hormone and is so essential to health and function that it affects almost every single cell within the human body.

As you now have a good understanding of the function and purpose of the testosterone hormone you can now begin to understand how the ester affects it and as we are only concerned with Testosterone-Enanthate it is the Enanthate ester we will look at and how it works when attached. Testosterone-Enanthate is a slow acting yet long lasting in effect testosterone form. This time factor is created by the Enanthate ester that is attached and as the Enanthate ester is fairly large so is its total half-life. The half-life of Testosterone-Enanthate is approximately 10.5 days and that is a fairly decently long half-life; in-fact, the only single ester based testosterone most will use that has a longer half-life is Testosterone-Cypionate and its half-life is only about 36 hours longer. As a large ester based anabolic steroid Testosterone-Enanthate will not require frequent injections. For the TRT patient generally one injection every week will be sufficient while most performance enhancers will find two injections of equal dosing per week to be just about perfect. Most performance enhancers will choose to inject on the same two days each week, for example, Monday and Thursday and the same can be said of the TRT patient, on the same day each week and you are advised to do the same.